The Edinburgh Eagles are the first university ice hockey club in Scotland. We are composed of students from all universities and colleges within Edinburgh, the Lothians and surrounding areas.


The club is regularly composed of 25-30 players per year. This number is expected to grow, as each year, we are overwhelmed by the sheer number of students who are interested in the club, and have only the best to represent Edinburgh in British university ice hockey.


Sponsorship with our club provides a fresh and unique opportunity to be involved within student sport. Club sponsorship can benefit you by providing a direct influence towards Edinburgh's student population (approximately 76,000), improving brand awareness and allowing students and other's to regularly engage with your business.

As a club, our ambition is to develop an awareness of ice hockey in the UK - along with a student culture for university ice hockey in Edinburgh, and to be crowned as BUIHA Division 1 Cup Champions.

Sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to grow your business; much akin to the same level of passion as we do with ice hockey. With the right support, these ambitions can become realised ahead of time - and you will have been an integral part in doing so.

Since 2013, we have had the privilege of participating in the Jonny Wookey Memorial Game: an annual varsity game between the Edinburgh Eagles and St Andrews Typhoons.


The Wookey Memorial Game is played in front of a crowd of over 1000 at Dundee Ice Arena, with increasing media coverage. The game not only acts as a memorial for the late Jonny Wookey, students of St Andrews who passed away, but also a celebration of his life.


Even after his passing, he remains a positive figure in many lives. As a club, we remember Jonny Wookey for his vision:

To spread the great game of ice hockey at the university level




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