15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players: No. 25

OK full disclosure: this task was really really hard, as getting the hundreds of players down to 25 was nearly impossible; in fact it was impossible and so we have joint 25th placed player.

Andrew Stewart/McGregor Spink

Andrew Stewart – only played half a season for the Eagles and therefore could have been a lot higher on my list if he had been around a little longer. Andrew played around 4 games for the Eagles and one for the Phoenix. He was greatly talented forward with size, great hands and the skating technique of an elite talent. His first outing for the Eagles was against the Birmingham Eagles in Solihull where the Eagles toughed out a 3-2 win with Andrew grabbing a goal or two, however Andrew’s contribution may be remembered for a fluffed penalty shot in the third period with heavy ice (video below). The next night Andrew and the Eagles would win the first Celtic Cup to be held in Cardiff 7-3.

McGregor Spink – McGregor was a different sort of player from Andrew. He could score goals, but he was mainly known for just obliterating people with marquee hits. He played in the first trip to Nationals, but perhaps his most impressive feat was scoring the first ever Eagles natural hat trick away to Nottingham Mavericks. It was a 26-1 win, but it was still a win. As well as his playing style McGregor was also known for his ability to stop almost any event in its tracks by belching. In the semi final of the 2005 nationals McGregor (injured and on the bench) let out a burp that genuinely stopped the referee dropping the puck for the second period. A great character and an Eagles great no doubt.




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