15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 23

Number 23

Beth Scoon

I will talk a lot about hands and flashy types in the upcoming entries, but how about some love for intelligence, composure, toughness and solid defence. Beth featured in my most successful year as a coach when the Eagles made the nationals final (and scored the game winner in the semi final, but the stats weren’t updated). Beth is still a top 4 defender for the Eagles, a GB internationalist and a player coach with the Caledonia Steel Queens, where she helps develop the talent of rookies and more seasoned players alike.

A shout out also goes to Beth’s brother, Josh Scoon. Josh, now retired, was a very talented player - having featured in several Eagles games and iced with the Fife Flyers (boo hiss) over his professional career in the Elite League.




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