15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 19

Eddie Baker

Word association; you hear the name Eddie, do you think Eagle? I do.

16 years ago that would have been because of a certain Olympian, but today, it is because of Eddie Baker. If you have read my previous posts in full, you will know that Eddie holds various accolades, such as scoring the first goal, manning the bench as the first coach and done a bunch of other off ice stuff that was invaluable to the club’s very existence.

Did I mention he was the first Beagles goalie? If the Eagles were Avengers, then Eddie was Captain America. Eddie is the living embodiment of there being no pictures on score sheets - as he can often be found netting garbage goals just outside the crease.

He was a true team guy who done it all for this club on the ice (except for playing D, that would not sit well with him) and thoroughly deserves all the plaudits for what he gave to the club.




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