15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 18

Christopher Roeder (pictured in street clothes)

The first of the big Continental European defencemen to feature for the Eagles. The German native had a good stride and a rocket of a slap shot (even better than Fulton Reed). He famously scored from the red line in a BUIHA Cup game with a wrist shot. He was a solid operator on the blue line and played physically when called for it. All these attributes made him dominant at both ends of the ice.

Gustaf Lann

Swedish Gus (who I was convinced had an Irish accent when I first met him), was referred to us by Brian Murdoch (see the 'Early Friends of the Club'). We had a small for our road trip double header to Birmingham and Cardiff, so I asked Brian if he had any ideas - and oh my, did we get something truly special.

Gus would come in and immediately make a positive impact for us. Despite it being the first time we met him, you knew he was a guy who the club could rely on. His commitment was re-affirmed by the arrangement where he would come to training from Glasgow (at 11pm on a Thursday night), stay on my couch and leave before I even woke up. Gus had a cannon shot and left many forwards with a good view of the ceiling.




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