15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 15

Graeme Brown

Perthshire born and bred, Graeme learned his craft as a youngster under my mother at Perth Juniors, before eventually moving on to Murrayfield later in his junior career. Graeme was actually Glasgow-based during his time with the Eagles and was yet another referral from Brian Murdoch. He first came to train and play with us on a line alongside Justin King. Playing either wing or centre, Graeme scored many important goals in that first season - which saw the Eagles take the Division 2 North title.

The last game of the season saw the Eagles play Sheffield at home in the title decider. Both Graeme and Justin, for whatever reason, were late for face off. I remember seeing Graeme come round from the changing room as I was lining up at D in our end as the game was still scoreless. Graeme and Justin jumped on while I was still on my shift. I remember it as the moment we grabbed the momentum. A break out pass to Justin, by your's truly, ended up as the opening goal as Justin passed to Graeme and converted the opening goal. He continued to be a difference maker in the season that followed and still shows an interest in what is happening at the club.




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