15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 14

Michael Moore

'Mooresy' (my mum’s second favourite player) originally played hockey in Dundee and was a late starter to the game. His first game for the Eagles was a short-benched trip to Nottingham in which he found out about a third of the way down that the game was full checking.

Mooresy, however, very quickly became an integral part of the squad with the ability to play any of the positions with competence (he even had an undefeated goaltending record with the Beagles). He was a great character - who knew when to have a laugh and knew when to cut the nonsense. He eventually became the longest serving captain for the Edinburgh Phoenix. Having coached him, he was a guy I could turn to in any situation and he would do what was needed. He is a humble guy who thoroughly deserves his place in amongst the Eagles’ greatest.




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