15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 11

Kyle Francis

Off the ice, Kyle is known for his sense of humour and his close ties with Lash Gordon ('partying' for all those who are confused). Those who know Kyle will remember him being happy to rip on anyone, especially me as his coach. In fact, it was more unnerving if he wasn’t joking around.

On the ice Kyle is a solid defence man for both the Eagles and Phoenix. He was as good defending as he was going forward, scoring important goals for both teams, including a late tying goal away to Manchester in my first season as coach (check out the game sheet here).

Kyle was capable on power-play and penalty kill in equal measures. He could mix it up physically when needed. Stats wise, Kyle had 31 points in the 33 games recorded with Eagles, which is a good return for a D-man. Eventually he formed a solid partnership with utility player Mike Moore, and the two would go on to be the top

pair in the Phoenix Scottish Cup winning run of 2013.




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