15 Years on: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - No. 4

Anthony Selles

Anthony, the current Eagles Captain, joined the club in 2010 and since then has shown the heart and talent that every coach loves. Anthony can score and set up goals, which is evident after recording 179 recorded points*. However what I find a whole lot more impressive is his willingness to get involved in the less glamorous aspects of the game. If there were stats in the BUIHA for blocked shots, Anthony would undoubtedly be near the top.

One of my first memories of Anthony was in his first season against Sheffield. I had been handed the bench-coach role: as then head-coach Tom Ham unavailable. Before the game I made an emphasis of hard fore-checking and not shying away from challenges against a physical Bears team. In his first shift, Anthony made a statement against a much larger Bears player, knocking him onto the ice with a clean, open ice hit. This set the tone for Eagles and gave the energy and motivation they needed.

Anthony is perfect in the role of captain, leading by example and putting his body on the line every shift he is on the ice. In the 2017-18 season, those qualities were found proved by him being named the first ever BUIHA International All Stars Captain.

*His stats have yet to be updated from 2018's Jonny Wookey Game




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