15 Years On: 25 Eagles Greatest Players - Parting Thoughts

Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting on my top 25 (27 really) list of Edinburgh Eagles. Reading the comments, I really took heart that there were a lot of opinions flying around and it was clear that everybody’s 25 will be different. Whether your opinion differed or not, I truly thank you for having such passion for the Eagles as to voice your alternate view.

One thing we can all agree on though is that the Eagles remains a remarkable club with lots to be proud of and stories to tell. There will be an upcoming blog series of the 'SHEagles' - dedicated to the women who have proudly worn the Eagles sweater - which will look back at different events in more detail, so please keep coming back and commenting.

Finally, I would like to give a massive thank you to Chris Tung (otherwise eloquently known as, 'Tunger'). When I decided to do the list, I had the intention on blurting out names on Twitter. He ultimately came up with the idea to use this platform for this blog and many other's coming up; working feverishly in the background and turning my word documents into a presentable web posts you see today. There will be more on Tunger in the New Year; but right now, I would like to thank him for taking on the role as editor to Rambo - which I know is not an easy task.

Have a great New Year everyone!




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